The best ways to save and earn money in UK [2019] - Tips and hacks

What is the most convenient way to manage your daily expenses, save, and maybe make some money at the same time?

In this guide we will show you a few little tricks that we have found, which during the year, allows us to indulge us a little extra luxury… all with very little effort.

TOPCASHBACK:  We strongly recommend the TopCashback website for your daily expenses!

All you need to do is go to the website, click on the offer you are interested in and wait to be redirected to the relevant website to conclude the purchase. You will get a reward which will be credited directly in your current account!

By registering HERE you will have £ 10 directly credited in your current account,

and with that registration access to a large number of online stores including: Amazon, Argos, Wilco, Boots, as well as suppliers such as TalkTalk or British gas, all listed in the TopCashBack site.

TIP! Install the TopCashback ADD-ON in your browser so you will never miss any offer!

We personally took advantage of an offer from TalkTalk that rewarded us with £130 just to subscribe a one year internet contract with them!
Think about this: it’s money you would spend anyway, so why do not earn something on top of it?

TRANSFERWISEOne of the biggest mistakes people make when transferring money internationally is using bank transfers and Western Union – who charge fees for the privilege of handling your money. These providers will make you pay high fees, with poor exchange rates, and often there are hidden fees (they promote a zero fee policy but they give you a smaller amount of money back).

We have made this mistake… never again!

The same guys who created Skype and Paypal have introduced TRANSFERWISE, which applies clear exchange rates and reasonable fees, showed entirely to you before you complete the transfer.

By following this link you will have your first transfer free, with no fees for transfers up to £ 500 (or equivalent in another currencies). Also if you introduce 3 friends to TRANSFERWISE you will be rewarded with £50! Give it a try!

WESWAPBasically a prepaid card, you load your own currency and then convert it into another.

This is especially useful for short periods, holidays abroad or first steps in a new country. The exchange fees change depending on how fast you need the money to be available on your card, but they are lower than the bank fees.

The number of available currencies to swap to is constantly increasing, so we suggest you to check the website for the updated list. It is an interesting card, both for traveling, or if you want to move to another country and you don’t have a current account yet.

Using this link you will have £ 5 free when you top up the card the first time, also if you invite 5 friends you will have the 7 days swap completely free, at market exchange rate, plus £5 for each friend invited!

GAS AND ELECTRICITYLooking for a gas and electricity supplier can be frustrating.

Many offers appear to be good, but if you check the customers reviews your opinion may change. After a lot of researches we decided to use BULB for both gas and electricity (DUAL FUEL), which is more convenient than use two different suppliers.

BULB is one of the most reliable suppliers with good reviews. It is cheap, clear and switch to it is quick, they pay all the exit costs from your old supplier and there is no activation cost. They also provide 100% renewable electricity and ecological gas!

Following this link you can have £ 50 credit, that can be used to pay the bills. Honestly it is the best supplier we found, appreciated by customers, economical and ecological.

AIRBNBWe use Airbnb a lot when we travel. It is an online community marketplace where people who want to rent their homes and people who are looking for accommodations can connect. 

It has saved us a lot of money compared to booking a hotel. We also find it more nice and interesting staying in someone home instead of a conventional hotel room. 

Once we stayed in a two bed room flat on the 15th floor with an amazing view over Hackney in London. How much we paid? Just £ 80! When we moved to UK we found a cheap Airbnb room where we stayed the first month before we had a our own permanent accommodation. Following this link you’ll get £31 in travel credit!

BOOKING.COMWhen we travel, both in UK and in the rest of the world, we often book our accommodations here. You can find all kinds of places to stay, including hotels, hostels, B&Bs, apartments etc., in 230 countries. Since we started make our bookings here we have stayed in for example a 5-star luxury hotel, an amazing tree house and cheap but cozy hostels. What also is good is comparing to some of their competitors is that there are no booking fees, and they promise to price match. By following this link you will get £15 back on your credit card after your trip!


TRUSTEDHOUSESITTERS: Love animals & travels? Then this is definitely for you! TrustedHousesitters connect thousands of home and pet owners with care-orientated sitters who will look after their home and pets for free, in exchange for a place to stay. Next week we will stay in a villa in Manchester and take care of the cat Bertie. For just £89.00 a year (by using our link you’ll get 20 % off) you can stay in amazing places in both UK and other countries, and at the same time you will keep pets company while their owners are away. If you don’t want to take care of pets you can choose to just be a house sitter. There are people who are home and pet sitting full time all around the world. By following this link you will get 20 % off!

SHOPPING APPSSome apps allow you to receive Cashback (directly in your bank account) if you purchase some products in some store, and from time to time they promote products that you can have completely free.

Other apps allow you to upload snaps of your receipts and  get money via Paypal or Amazon voucher. We tested these 3 apps, and this is what we think!

  • SHOPMIUM: This app has loads of products and offers available. Simply scroll through the list and see if you need anything. We usually open the app when we are in front of a store and check if there is any interesting offer. After the purchase then we take a snap of the receipt and in a couple of days we have the money straight in the back account! By following this link  you can have a free product. At the moment it is a jar of Nutella!
  • GREEN JINN: similar to Shopmium, but promotes healthier products. At the moment the stores that are joining Green Jinn are Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose but they promise to have more stores joining in the future. Once you find the product you are looking for, proceed with the purchase, take a snap of the receipt and just wait for the money to get into your bank account. Follow this link to subscribe!
  • RECEIPT HOGThis app allows you to upload almost any receipt and get points. Then you can swap the points with PayPal credit or Amazon vouchers. You can upload receipts from convenience stores, restaurants, gas stations and much more. To collect a prize it takes a long time, although there are some tricks that can speed up the process (the app occasionally suggests certain products to get more points). You can also play with a small Slot Machine and get extra points. At most we won 10 points! Try this app and see if it worth your time, and let us know what you think about it!
  • SHOPPIX: This app is very similar to Receipt Hog but you earn more. Simply snap your receipts to collect tokens. You can also invite your friends to join, and answer short surveys to collect extra tokens. Tokens can be exchanged for cash via your PayPal account or vouchers from example Amazon and iTunes. If use our code C4KIVTDX when you sign up you’ll receive 200 tokens! Sign up here!

CURRENT ACCOUNTAre you completely satisfied with your current bank account? If not, why not explore offers from other banks?

Just know that some bank, including Halifax, offer £ 75 just to close your old current account and open a new one with them. Other current accounts offer £3 reward per month just to credit your salary and direct debit a minimum of two bills, others give you a CASHBACK if you purchase from some shop.

We recommend you to check this website for the best offers.

But beware! Do not change your current account too often: the banks control you through a CREDIT REPORT, which drops down every time you open a new current account. If your Credit Report shows as “poor” or “very poor” , you can no longer open current accounts or apply for loans or mortgages. This value increases over time and based on other factors. We suggest you to open no more than one account per year and never overdraft. If you want to check your CREDIT SCORE, this website offers a free trial period . Remember to cancel the subscription at the end of the month if you don’t want to pay any fee.

If you visit the TOPCASHBACK website you can earn some money just registering with Experian and you will keep that money even if you cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial!

As you can see, there are many solutions to save and even earn money on everyday shopping. Many sites and apps also offer discounts and rewards if you invite someone to join.

We invited several friends already and we are inviting you all , both to give us a little help (yes we admit it!) and also because these tricks are really useful and they can help you to save quite good money across the year.

So, why don’t share, if we can all earn?

If you have any suggestions on how to save some money and even earn , please leave a comment below!

See you soon!


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