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Departing for Laos! Also on board our motorcycles pass the border between Cambodia and Laos coming in the south of the latter. We have a month to explore it, and given the amount of things to see, is not much.

There will cover large distances, especially in the north, where we will approach slowly to the border with Vietnam, Laos leaving through the town of Na Meo.

The first stop in Laos is the island of Don Det, part of the archipelago of 4000 islands, where we will stop several days to rest and prepare for the two "loop" of the South ( Bolaven Plateau loop ) And Laos the center ( Thakhek loop ), Two rings that revolve around natural parks and a volcanic crater.

The northern part also draws a "loop", a ring, in which we fail to retract the Laotian capital of Vientiane, situated too close to the border with Thailand.

Below our stops, for details of the two "loop" you can follow a detailed article when you finish the trip. These are the places where we will stop:

– The Don (4000 Islands)

– Bolaven Plateau loop (pin in the map rossi)

– Thakhek loop (pin in the map gave)

– Phonsavan

– Vang Vieng

– Luang Prabang

– Nong Khiaw

– Na Meo output to Vietnam

Given the many kilometers we have included several intermediate stages, hotels along the way are located in places of no particular interest, but useful to rest and start again the next day. In the planning stages we left several empty days to use in case of excessive fatigue.

In preparation for the journey we have taken out insurance that gives us the widest possible coverage. After evaluating several Italian insurance, visa costs and lack of coverage I opted for insurance online World Nomads ( che mi permette di aver spese mediche illimitate, rimpatrio in Italia per cure oltre che ad una copertura in caso di incidente in moto. Più un’altra serie di coperture varie che vale la pena consultare, soprattutto se si pensa di fare qualche tipo di sport, ad esempio io andrò in Kite Surf e sarò coperto in caso qualcosa accada.

As for vaccinations, Laos requires no mandatory vaccination but it is recommended to take some precaution. Reading on the internet there are a huge amount of information often discordant, I also feel that the website of the Foreign Ministry is not very complete so I decided on my own to do dell'antitetanica recall, as well as vaccinations for hepatitis A&B, Japanese encephalitis and typhoid.

As for the visa, having entered by road from Cambodia we did what is called "Visa On Arrival"At the border.

The border between Cambodia and Laos is considered the worst in all of South East Asia, given the amount of money that both borders tend to extort. For a detailed description and a summary of charges, including extortion, followed by an article.

For those who he went to Laos by air, I suggest you join the loyalty program of the airline you are using, if you have not already done so.

Virtually all airlines Low Cost does not have a program that allows you to earn "miles" every time you travel, then be spent on free trips, hotel discounts and lots more.

In order to ride a bike in Laos, European driving licenses require some integration. Since I was living in England and having a regular British license, I had to request a document called IDP, international driving permitIe permission to drive with my license in a country outside the European community. The procedure is very simple and can be done by mail, avoiding unnecessary queues, following the directions of the English website AA (

We will see compared to our plan what will happen to us, we will keep you updated on all the stages of the journey, of unexpected events, changes of direction, indecision and difficulties and of course sensational scenarios, dream places, local, food and the Laotian traditions.

He began our Dreamy Travel Story in Laos!