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A month to visit Cambodia, riding our bikes starting from Prek Chak, the southwest border with Vietnam. The route selection has not been easy because Cambodia has a rounded shape, so it is not possible to visit it in a linear fashion. We will move from south to north and then down south again and finally move north again to get to the border with Laos.

We calculated about 3 days for each site visited, leaving space to stay a few more days if necessary or if we could find a particularly interesting place. From the news that we have the road conditions should be good with regard to the main roads, but what about any road we expect to find dirt roads or in poor condition.

The cities that we intend to visit are:




-Phnom Penh


-Siem Reap (including temples diAngkrong the border with Thailand)

-Steung Treng

We leave space to insert any other destinations such as Ban Krong, Krong Saen Monourom e Krong Ban Lung but we do not want to take too many kilometers and enjoy the main goals as possible.

As always it is important to take out travel insurance that gives the widest possible coverage. After evaluating several Italian insurance, visa costs and lack of coverage I opted for insurance online World Nomads ( That allows me to have unlimited medical expenses, repatriation to Italy for treatment as well as a cover in case of motorcycle accident. More another series of different covers that worth checking out, especially if you plan to do some kind of sport.

As regards the vaccinations, Cambodia requires no mandatory vaccination but it is recommended to take some precaution. Reading on the internet there are a huge amount of information often discordant, I also feel that the website of the Foreign Ministry is not very complete so I decided on my own to do dell'antitetanica recall, as well as vaccinations for hepatitis A&B, Japanese encephalitis and typhoid.

As for the visa (VISA), We will make all the practices directly at the border, indicated for a cost of $ 35 per head.

To be able to ride a motorcycle in Cambodia, apparently not needed patent if you have a displacement of less than 125cc. However, since I am a resident in England and having a regular British license, I requested a document called IDP, international driving permit, which gives me permission to drive with my license in a country outside the European community. The procedure is very simple and can be done by mail, avoiding unnecessary queues, following the directions of the English website AA (

Lastly advice to anyone going on a plane ride of this magnitude, to enroll in the loyalty program of the airline you are using, if you have not already done so.

Virtually all airlines Low Cost does not have this program that allows you to earn "miles" every time you travel, which then can be spent in free travel, hotel discounts and lots more.

We are curious to see how many changes will make to our original plan, the places you decide to add or skip and any issues. The adventure is about to begin, the fascinating land of Cambodia!