Summer in Sweden is like a long spring, with a gentle sun and mild days and where are gathering black clouds that make it rain sometimes light, sometimes thick and heavy.
Quest'alternarsi of sun and rain makes the bright green of the forests, long shadows and dark, strong and penetrating light.
The continual movement of the clouds in the sky constantly changing the relationship between light and shadow, and as a photographer I realized instantly that here you can not take a picture alike, every shot will be unique and unrepeatable, and I like that.

So I decided to take advantage of these features and to organize a bit of shots in a forest close to home.
The initial idea was to use a Swedish model, the typical traits, blue-eyed blonde, but things never go as planned and now I am used to this.

So I happen to be contacted by a lady named Marah girl, born in Damascus, Syria.

Sweden in recent years has hosted a high number of refugees, which increases year after year because of the war.
I decide to shoot at Marah almost immediately, as long as you tell me about her life.
Just off the car I get hit by his smile and his vigorous and melancholy look, which I had never seen a girl of only eighteen.

We are moving towards the forest, some talk to break the ice and put her at ease.
In this work, I am often being told by people that are not nice, and I try to be able to feel these at least once.
Even Marah told me something, criticizing his own body and its height.
I told her as I had already said in the past with many other girls who could not see what I could see in her other hand.

Let's start with some undemanding shot, just to show her how to pose and how to move naturally, just start to ask her questions and she, having looked down to the floor and smile slightly, begins to answer.

"I left my country in 2012, before high school.
Me, my mother and my sister we moved to Egypt, where my father lived, with the intention to move to Sweden and even get together with my brother, who lived in Russia for two years.
At the beginning I lived alone with my father, who left the apartment at seven in the morning to go to work and came home in the late evening, so I spent most of the day in the company of my cat, named Micky.
At first they were told that it would take six or seven months before we have the documents to leave Egypt and move to Sweden so I decided not to start the school.
As time passed and the documents were late to arrive at the beginning of the new school year, I decided to enroll in any case, even if the documents could arrive at any moment, I felt the need to be among boys and girls of my age, even if for just one day.
The problem is that having lost a year was left behind in a class all my friends, so every day at school I did nothing but cry for hours, because I was alone again, away from the people I loved and knew.
I remember one day I was taking a walk with my friends, and for the first time I was having fun and laughing with them.
My name is Marah, and in Arabic means "joy", "fun"; a guy who went to my class that day she walked past me and said, "eventually you're having fun!".
This made me think: my name means "joy" and I cry every day?
The only day I was happy, I was crying again!
Some time later my mother called me on the phone, was in tears and his voice trembled.
He said that the passports were ready and that we could finally leave Egypt.
I hung up the phone, I was sitting on a loveseat in this huge hall, and looking out the window wondering "I really am going to leave this place?".
Finally came the day of departure.
There are direct flights from Egypt to Sweden so I stopped in Copenhagen, where I took the train to Malmö and then Vasteras, the city where I now live.
As soon as I arrived in Västerås met my brother, who had not seen for four or five years waiting for that moment for so long and I was sure that I would have cried, but I was so tired I almost lost consciousness in his arms, and not shed even a tear."

I took another shot and asked Marah as he was in Sweden.

"I do not like where I live," he said.
"It is not my place. Now I'm studying Swedish and my dream is to move to Stockholm and start them to study English.
At the moment I have no particular dreams, I would just like to leave the city where I live and stay in a more lively and dynamic city. "

Of course I understood perfectly that need.
I did about 300 shots and I was satisfied with the result, so I said to Marah we had finished, I thanked her and she smiled back warmly.

He pulled away the moss stuck in your hair and slowly strolled out of the forest, almost silently.
When our feet again touched the tarmac, I realized that the clouds in the sky were gone, giving way to the August sun, maybe a little pale, but warm and reassuring.