Aug. 09, 2017

A Weekend In London Alternative Part Two - Human translation is coming soon!

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After a busy day on Saturday, it is best to start the day on Sundays in a more relaxed, and what could be better than a dip in the outdoors? There is better that you do not even move from Hackney, where you will spend the entire day among animals, stalls and hidden rooms.

Then we begin to move to the 1A Goldsmiths Row, take the small street to get to a lovely courtyard where you will start to feel the typical smell of the farm.
On your left is the entrance to a spacious cafe tastefully decorated, tables and sofas to sit while you make your breakfast.
You have just entered all 'Hackney City Farm ( ), A project that "encourages the sustainable use of local resources."
In fact, in addition to the cafe if you keep on your left entrance that will lead you to the enclosures where you can see a real farm complete with chickens, goats and a huge pig.

Refreshed and relaxed after this immersion in an unexpected oasis, ready now to make you way through the rivers of people that are waiting to Flower Marked of Columbia road.
This spectacular flower market is open on Sundays only, from 8 to 14, although you will find some merchant willing to sell you the latest flowers even after the closing time, indeed, this is the right time to haggle and snatch the opportunity: remember I paid my two giant orchids beauty of £ 5 when the cost for orchid was £ 12.
Columbia road deserves to be explored not only for its incredible flower market, where part of the show is to hear merchants shouting offer plants for a "Fiver" or "Tenner" (a 5 banknote or 10 pound), but even for the shops, cafes and small restaurants.
Take the time to drink a sparkling outdoor sitting just outside the Campania, 23, Ezra Street, while watching the streams of people holding an exaggerated amount of plants and if you are lucky you will see some show of street musicians.

Also on Ezra Street you will be within walking distance of an outdoor market second hand items that deserves to be seen.
You will also find some furniture shop on the street with nice design pieces.
If languor would advise you now to keep you light perhaps taking something to eat food directly from the double-decker bus Just Fab, A kitchen installed inside a red double-decker bus, with chefs who will prepare meals only vegetarian street food (459-455 Hackney Road).

If at this point you want to drink a good English tea to cool off and there is still the desire to spend time with some animals, the Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium It is exactly what you need.
Located at 152-154 Bethnal Green road, this refined tea room not only has a good selection of drinks and cakes, but you'll find yourself surrounded by cats who dwell in this place.
Highly recommend you book as the Cat Emporium is often full, but it is an experience to do if like me, you are big fans of the small felines.

Now maybe two steps could be what you need, and if you are maniacs vintage clothing, a few steps from you is Cheshire street, The road that goes to finish in the most famous Brick Lane, but much less traveled by tourists. Here you will find a few shops where you lose yourself for hours, among which we mark Beyond Retro (110-112 Cheshire Street), small chain of clothing stores used very provided, the Duke of Uke (88 Cheshire Street), the store devoted entirely to the Ukulele, and Vintage Basement (7 Cheshire Street), another shop of second-hand clothes not provided but with lower prices than at Beyond Retro, if you're lucky you can find some real opportunity.
For lovers of English shoes I report Blackman’s shoe storeCorner of Grimsby street. Here you will find beautiful imitations of Clark's at very low prices and Dr.Martens at significantly discounted prices.

Fly over Brick Lane's take a nice walk until you get to Hoxton square.

Here you will have nothing but spoiled for choice on what to do: since you can not go to all the local places to eat in one day, I advise you to wait to enjoy a pint of beer on the roof of Red Lion. Downside is that you have to take your drink downstairs and then inerpicarvi the stairs hoping to shake off as little as possible.
On a sunny day this is the best place to drink something and look around lazily.

You will have seen that in the area there are several restaurants: free to choose the one that inspires you more, but I suggest you consider the Red Dog Saloon If you are a burger lover.
The only flaw of this place is that being often full, the bread is cooked properly but removed this variable, now this restaurant is my reference point when it comes to burgers.
I also recommend this book, perhaps in unusual times where it is assumed there will be less people to avoid the problem bread ( ) Or too long waits.
In case you have a really enviable appetite, try the hamburger called "Devastator" or better yet, challenge yourself with the "Devastator Challenge", I will not say more to not spoil the surprise!

If my calculations are right now you should be schienati like turtles on the shell, and not to be too "hangover" from burgers morning, jot down some spirit is not a bad idea.
Cross the square towards the civic 8-9 Hoxton Square and pay close attention you will see some tables and a restaurant but this is not your destination.
Move the eyes in the lower right to see a black staircase almost invisible and follow it down to the basement. You are moving to 'Happiness ForgetsLocal twin of Original Sin Stoke Newington.
Here you will find a 30's style decor lit by candles and a few very dim lamps. The cocktail list is pretty short but each cocktail will make you want to order another.

If one of these premises was not for you, I always point out in the Hoxton area, The Breakfast Club, Which I suppose takes its name from the 80's movies with Molly Ringwald.
Chain with very flashy, polished and Hawaiian touch, offers good cocktails and good food. A must see the bathrooms, with some to be really fun wallpapers.
Once in the hallway bathroom I found a DJ complete with mirror ball and three people were dancing and occupied the whole tiny space.

For a few beers point out the Callooh Callay the A StroongRoom Bar&Kitchen, Both with very unique decor and a nice atmosphere.

And even today the day is over between small pearls that this neighborhood has to offer.

Allow yourself the time to wander through the narrow streets around Hoxton Square, here you will find everything and you could be the idea of ​​transfer you here but stop before the first real estate agency in the case and take a look at the prices, maybe you'll change your mind!

A Weekend In London Alternative Part Two - Human translation is coming soon!

After a busy day on Saturday, it is best to start the day on Sundays in a more relaxed, and what could be better than a dip in the outdoors? There is better that you do not even move from Hackney, where ...

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