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I remember this as if it were yesterday: about a year ago I lived in Brighton, I had just moved after spending several years in London.
I felt disoriented, all the certainties I had had up to that point had flaked one after the other and I was forced to start my life from scratch again.
One day they called me for an interview about the manager position in a vintage store items.

I dressed well, with a shirt and pants 60 years, no tie. Throughout the interview he seemed to take in hand all the six people who were examining my application. As a last question of the interview, the area manager of the chain stores asked me, "How do you see yourself in ten years?".

It was not the first time that question was put to me during an interview. I breathed deeply, imagining what they expected me to answer.
I looked into his eyes all people in the room, and then I asked them if I could truthfully answer the question.
They nodded.
The truth is - I said - it is not possible for anybody's guess what will happen in ten years, or in five, or in a few months. Life is unpredictable and the future of constant change. We have the illusion of control over our lives but in reality just a little change, a pittance, that everything can move in the opposite direction.

A few days later I received an email saying that they had rejected my application but there was a note in the last paragraph of the manager, who said "On a personal note, it was a pleasure to meet a human being like you."

A year after that interview I lived in London again, before returning to Italy, to move to Sweden and begin something I've always dreamed of: to live life according to my rules, by my side the girl that I met just in Brighton, and that changed my life forever.