Apr. 13, 2017

A Weekend In London Alternative Part One - Human translation is coming soon!

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Most of the people that have never seen London, think about this city as the city of the Big Ben, Westminster and Saint Paul's Cathedral: nothing strange but London is much more than the city centre. Because of the size of it, you woud need one month just to explore the zone 1 and see everyday something new, but rarely i will speak about this area which is crowded of tourists coming from around the world.

If you want to go beyond what you see in the postcards sold on Oxford street, I suggest you keep reading!
Say for example that you have a nice weekend available, you get up quietly, because in this city you do not have to wake up early on the weekend, and casually you have booked AirBnB nell’area di Dalston (east London).

If I were you I incamminerei slowly to the Regent's canal entrance looking for the small road that runs alongside it, almost certainly you'll have to go down some stairs or ramp. Pay attention to the bikes whizzing at full speed or to joggers who will throw curses if intralcerete their passage.

Your destination for a hearty brunch is the Proud east (www.proudeast.com) Where I'd highly recommend the sandwich with smoked salmon, truly delightful.

The environment is young and sparkling, check the website to see if there will be some special event that day and reserved a table, often the line comes out the door.

The minimalist decor, the music always perfect and the very attitude "friendly oriented" of the waiters make you feel like in your living room. Take the opportunity to look out the windows to watch the world go by fast and slow at the same time, take the typical boats moored along the canal and observe them carefully: they are real homes with lots of small crops of tomatoes and salad often installed on the roof of the boat itself.
Finished your brunch would advise you to head north-east towards Broadway market streetWhere Saturday is held the market predominantly food Broadway Market (http://broadwaymarket.co.uk/).

Do not wait too long, however, for recarvici! Towards the early afternoon start to dismantle the stalls, and although the street itself is lovely with the market becomes truly a Must of your Saturday.
I think the Broadway Market a good alternative to famoso Borrow Market London Bridge: They are very different situations, and obviously the Borrow Market has a truly unique location and stunning Victorian architecture, but has also become too crowded and too full of tourists for poterselo enjoy as it should be in my opinion.

Navigate among the many stalls of "street food", buy some beer at an "off license" and also take a look at the various shops in the street, then head north to enjoy your meal and your beers sitting on the grass the park London Fields or alternatively if you're a fan of the grill I recommend you go from "Hill&Szrock master butcher&cookshop "(60 Broadway Market, London E8 4QJ, UK) and buy their delicious spicy sausages and bacon being grilled on a barbecue disposable and you can find license from the Off Broadway at the corner of Market and Lansdowne Drive.

In fact London Fields is one of the few parks in London's Hackney neighborhood where you can grill without the risk of some fine.
If like me you are fond of vintage, once you tire to camp out at the park, head east for a visit al Netil Market ( 13 – 23 Westgate St, London E8 3RL) where you can also find another street food in case you are inexplicably full.
Of course the pieces on display in this small courtyard are often very attractive but beware of the prices, they could go sideways just swallowed the sausage.
At this point a bit of exercise can only be good, especially if the prize is a cool cocktail served in a rooftop bar sunset on east London.
Once again, head east until you reach the online 360 (www.netil360.com ).
If things have not changed recently, be careful because the entrance can seem very anonymous, since it is essentially a hall of any building.
Go up the stairs, go up again. It climbs a little until you reach the top of the building.
The first thing I would do would be to go to queue at the bar to take a fair share of drinks and then fly very the opposite side of the terrace to admire the view.
Although there is often a lot of people and a few DJs that plays continuously, you always have an idea of ​​calm and peace, and basically silent. Sit on the grass and enjoy pretend this time, and to feel real londoners.

Hard to decide what to do once the sun goes down: you are in Hackney, the most vibrant district and active in all of London, you are spoiled for choice.

For reasons we opt for a quieter choice, I will speak of several London Club in another article.
Given the choice, we pull a nut and choose to move towards the north, in the direction of the area of ​​Stoke Newington.
The first and hilarious stage could be the BallieBallerson (ballieballerson.com ), A bar like any other except that if you go in the basement you will find a "Bllpit"Adult, that is one of those places where the children usually are placed in the middle of hundreds of colored balls. But this is the adult version and a bit shines.
I recommend you visit the site and book your visit to Ballpit because sometimes it can get really crowded.
Also try one or more of their colorful cocktails, Always accompanied by gummy candies.
If all that movement has put in appetite, a walk to the north, in the direction of Stoke Newington Church Street It is what you need.
This street is full of restaurants with different cuisines, from Japanese to the Indian, the Sardinian cuisine to Spanish, in addition to the typical English pubs that invariably serve burgers.

I have personally tried many of these restaurants and have never been disappointed, I feel to recommend someone, just to have several alternatives.
If you are fond of Indian and vegetarian cuisine I recommend the "Rasa South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant" (55 Stoke Newington Church Street, N16 0AR), excellent food and very pink decor!

If you feel homesick you can opt for "The Kiss" (61 Stoke Newington Church St), not to be confused with The Kiss Express, typical Italian trattoria and decent quality, although when I travel I always prefer to eat local.

For this last suggestion as we mark a pub that is located at the beginning of Stoke Newington Church Street all'incorcio with High Street, "The Three Crowns", where you will find a very welcoming candle-candle in addition to a typical menu English .

For a finale on a good, retrace your steps and move south on Stoke Newington High Street.
Keep your right and be very careful when you are near the house 129: The first thing you'll see is a kind of fast food with the facade in very colorful wood but if you look carefully to the right of it you will see a steep flight of steps leading to a basement.
Well, follow it!

You will come to a very dark bar, it will take a while for your eyes to adjust to the dim light. The discreet and hidden location is typical of the two local twins "The Happiness Forgets" site in Hoxton Square, and of "Original Sin"You are visiting now.
In addition to the town of delicious cocktail menu, there is also that air American bar of the 30s often accompanied by jazz music.

One has to experience the full cocktail list if it were not for the price a little high, but then this is London, is not known for being cheap!
I suppose at this point you may be satisfied of the day but if you still have a reserve of energy and you want to rock out in the dances, I point out some local in the area.

Expect a small stage and a tiny area where you can dance if you decide to head for the "Shacklewell Arms"But it is definitely an experience to do before we leave London
Other really is the hidden local "Moustache Bar"You just find it by the tail out of the small door black.
If you are for something more refined and want to continue with a more retro spirit, "Vortex"It is what he does for you, marked by music of high quality jazz.

London is constantly changing and it is really hard to keep up with the many clubs that open and close one after the other so check programs before you dive headlong into some "venue".

And that's all for Saturday, you'll definitely breathed an air of very different and much more authentic than the center of the city, immerse yourself completely in the average life of young east londoner rather than that of a few bank employee in the city suit !

I hope you enjoyed this first part of the guide to an alternative weekend in London, stay tuned for how to spend a Sunday immersed once again in the vibrant neighborhood of Hackney, in search of the hidden and interesting places that this neighborhood has to offer!


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A Weekend In London Alternative Part One - Human translation is coming soon!

Most people who have never lived in London have the image of this city as the city of Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and St. Paul's Cathedral, not that there's anything wrong with that, but ...

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